2021 Chairman’s Report

10th January 2022

“In times of adversity and change, we really discover who we are and what we’re made of.”

Howard Schultz. Chief Executive Officer of Starbucks Coffee Company. 

What an amazing year for The Club.  

As you may recall, at the start of 2021, we were in our 3rd National Lockdown. You could only  meet up and exercise with one other person from another household. All Cycle Club activities  were on hold. The only alternative to cycling with more than one person was to meet up virtually  on Zwift. We also became familiar with Zoom, which we started to use for our Committee  Meetings. This was the only way that we could safely get together.  

Then, at the end of March, a glimmer of hope. The Rule of Six. This was all the green light that the  Club needed to resume our cycling activities, and, as a team, we did not disappoint.  

A full Time Trial series. Our Monument Road Rides and Black Country Loop gravel ride. Trans  Cambrian Way coast 2 coast Gravel Ride. Ride for Brian & The Presidents Ride ( Which raised  over £270 for Midland Air Ambulance). Gravel rides in the Peaks. Zwift Time Trial winter series.  RGT Winter Racing. Up to Five Weekly Club Rides. Summer time Chain Gang, the list of activities  and events was incredible.  

In reality, the Lockdown had created a new desire for cycling amongst many. With our drive for an  all inclusive club, we saw Club Membership grow to over 100 members. I do not think I can recall  a time when we have had such a large number of members.  

Social Media, the internet, our Website and Apps like Spond and WhatsApp have also gone a  long way to improving the Clubs communications. Spond is now used to promote all of our Club  Rides and we will continue to work on and improve these platforms.  

The safety on our Club Rides will also continue to be improved. The Club have already subsidised  the cost of a First Aid Course, giving Members greater knowledge to provide what could be life  saving procedures during Club Activities. We have also recently introduced Ride Leaders to the  Club Rides. Again, training and improvements will continue on this into 2022. 

Away from the Club, Members have enjoyed success and taken part in The Wolverhampton Track  League, Mountain Bike Races, Cyclocross Race League and Triathlon. I am sure that the support  and encouragement from Fellow Club Members helped spur them on. Brereton Wheelers have  also created a friendship and working relationship with neighbouring Lichfield City Cycle Club this  year. Between us, we organised two indoor track training sessions with more planned soon.  LCCC will also be taking part in this years BWCC Time Trial Series and will be promoting our  reliability rides to all of their Club Members.  

Finally, one more huge change that we will see very soon is the introduction of a New Club Kit.  The new Kit Design has already been approved by British Cycling as our official team kit. We are  hoping to take delivery of the new kit in early spring and I am very much looking forward to seeing  Club Members wearing the new kit with pride very soon.  

We have lots to look forward to. The achievements of 2021 will be celebrated at our trophy  presentation evening ( details coming soon ). I think that it is true to say that this year, as a Club,  we have discovered who we are and what we are made of. Friendship, Camaraderie and  Teamwork. 

A huge thank you to everybody in the Club. You have all played your part and I look forward to  seeing what more we can achieve over the next 12 months.

Simon Orme