Multi-Day Adventure Rides

The planning of these rides takes a lot of work and time. Please take some time to check your calander and commitment to actually doing the ride.

We need a minimum of 5 riders before the ride will go ahead and a maximum of 10 riders. The cost for the ride is shared equally between the riders and this includes the accommodation for the Minibus Driver.

Each ride is based on 5 riders and priced at £300 per person, as we have more riders the price per person is lowered as all costs are equally shared. The money is used for the following:

  • Accommodation
  • Minibus Security Deposit (refundable after the ride)
  • Minibus Hire Charge
  • Fuel

We have to secure a Minibus and Accomodation which both require a deposit being paid as far ahead as possible. With this in mind all we ask from you is a deposit to secure your place of £50 per person. We will issue a Cut Off Date and from this point any money that you have paid is non refundable, however you can transfer it to another rider who is not on the ride already.

The Cut Off Date is also the date the next instalment of £100 is required. Then 30 days after this is the final payment which will be adjusted to reflect the number of riders committed to the ride. If we have only 5 riders this will be £150 or if we have 9 riders it will be as low as £50

So in Summary

  • £50 secures your place
  • From the cut off date this or any further payments are not refundable
  • At the cut off date your next payment of £100 is required
  • 30 days later the final payment will be adjusted and you will be required to pay it.

The table is a guide of how the price can change on the number of riders

Number of RidersCost Per RiderSecurity DepositActual Cost

General Information For You To Consider

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