BW Day Out

Road Ride Loop

What 3 Word Location Map

What 3 Words Location Spreadsheet

The pins on the map are colour coded as follows:

  • Green – Accessible to all bikes
  • Brown – Accessible to gravel and mountain bikes
  • Purple – Accessible to road bikes

  • The pins have a points value.
  • The same number of points are available for on road and off road.
  • The points value increases with the distance away from the base camp.
  • The number of pins decrease with the distance away from the base camp.
  • The pins are divided into 3 distances away from the base camp
    • Up to 2km as the crow flies (family, child pins)
    • Up to 5km as the crow flies (mostly off road pins)
    • Over 5km (mostly on road pins)
  • People can select to stay within these distances and will be given a list of all the pins within the selected distance. Or they can have all the distances available and try to complete all of them.
  • There are no routes planned as the point of the day is to self navigate using What 3 Words.
  • The road pins can be made into a route around Cannock Chase (see link above). But no gpx file will be given. This is just a guide. the route totals 30 miles with 1800ft of climbing so would take between 2 to 3 hours to complete.
  • While the road riders are navigating around the off road riders would self naviaget across the chase to accumulate points from check points
  • All riders will be given a sheet of paper with the check points value and coresponding what 3 words location
  • Once they reach the checkpoint they can either write down what is there or take a photo.
  • A deadline time of 4 hours will be set for all riders to return back to base camp.
  • Refreshments and food can be available at base camp.