Club Runs

Club runs generally take place on a Saturday or a Sunday morning each and every week. We ride in most weather conditions. These rides leave promptly at 9am. Members start arriving usually 15 minutes early to be ready to leave exactly on nine o’clock so make sure you arrive with enough time to be bike ready. They always start at the Mansfield Club in Rugeley which is next door to Aldi. Returning around midday.

To confirm a ride is going ahead, please message us on our facebook page.

Once you are a member you can join our WhatsApp group. This will give you direct messaging with our club members to keep up to date with our club runs and everything else Brereton Wheelers related.

We always welcome NON CLUB MEMBERS to join us on these club runs, however any non club member is only permitted to ride twice before having to join the club, this is due to our insurance policy. Our ethos is that no one gets left behind. We all start together and finish together.

Saturday Club runs are usually 20 to 30 miles plus with a coffee and cake stop. The average speed is between 12 and 14 mph depending on who turns up.

Sunday Club runs are usually 40 to 50 miles with a coffee and cake stop. The average speed is between 16 and 20 mph depending on who turns up.

On both days, we never leave anybody behind and will ride as quick as the slowest rider so do not worry if you feel that you may not be able to keep up. We all started somewhere and everyone has bad days when they struggle. This is part of cycling. Just come out and enjoy the ride.

To check on Club Runs please view our facebook page/ feed or message us via facebook. It is rare for us not to ride so come rain or shine the weekly club runs go ahead.