Colour Coding Rides

29th December 2021

Alongside the rider roles we are also introducing a traffic light system so all riders can gauge which rides are suitable to their riding ability. This is to ensure all riders can decide which rides are for them. The groups on Spond will be changed to reflect this. We will add you to the new groups on Spond over the next few days. The groups are as follows:

  • Red Rides
  • Amber Rides
  • Green Rides

RED Rides

  • Average Speed 16 mph Plus
  • Non Drop / Drop
  • Faster Pace

The RED rides will have an average speed of 16mph or more. This is aimed at those who like a faster pace and riders that want to increase their performance.

These rides will most likely be Chaingang rides, track, and timetrials. Sometimes we will offer club rides at a faster pace for those who are fitter.


  • Average Speed 13 to 15 mph
  • Non drop
  • Steady Pace

The AMBER rides will have an average speed of 13 to 15 mph. This is aimed at those who like a steady pace.

These rides will most likely be the Sunday Club Rides and some gravel rides. Riders may get dropped from the main group but they will always wait at the next junction for you and give you time to recover.


  • Average Speed 12 mph
  • Non Drop
  • Casual Pace

The green rides are for new comers or those that prefer a casual pace.

These rides will probably be the Saturday Club Ride and some gravel rides. Riders will not get dropped at any time and always be kept within the main group. The ride speed will be adjusted to suit the riders on the day.

All rides will fit within these 3 colour groups which we hope will make Spond easier to navigate around. So if you can hold an average speed of 14mph your current fitness level is within the Amber group. You will see all the rides listed in the Amber group. The first line of the listing will be in CAPITALS. Giving you the key information for the ride. The top line will be:



  • RED – GRAVEL – 70 MILES – 12MPH – 7 HOURS
  • GREEN – ROAD – 30 MILES – 12MPH – 2.5 HOURS

You can see from these examples that the gravel ride speed is the same as the road ride, but it is listed as a RED ride. This is down to the ride leader knowing the route and terrain that the ride will cover. So some elements of the ride may look like a green ride but in fact are deemed to be unsuitable for green riders.

We may need to tweak this system but hopefully it will demystify the rides for riders and allow you to make informed decisions about the rides on Spond.