Covid-19 Risk Assessment

In order to be Covid-19 safe we need to demonstrate that we are able to organise and run group bike rides within current government guidelines. This is primarily to reduce or eliminate the possibility of spreading Covid-19 amongst participants taking part in group bike rides. Since bike ride activities take place in an outdoor setting this will in itself reduce the risk. The only occasion where participants may be indoors is during coffee stops part way through rides. Government guidance states that people should practice social distancing of 2 metres or 1 metre plus in an outdoor setting. The rule of six means that we should only ride in groups of up to six riders. In an indoor setting we must practice social distancing of 2 metres plus and also wear a suitable face covering. In addition, it is advisable to record contact details of participants for track and trace purposes. In order to ensure that participants are kept Covid-19 safe, the following observations have been made with appropriate safeguards set. These should be followed by anybody taking part in a Brereton Wheelers Club Bike Ride. These will be updated as and when required.

All riders wishing to take part must meet at the Mansfield Club car park before 9am, ensuring they keep at least 2 metres apart. If there are more than six riders we will split riders into groups of no no more than six. There is sufficient space on the Mansfield Club car park to accommodate up to 8 groups of 6 riders while allowing social distancing of 2 metres plus between all participants. Each group will have a designated group leader. The Group leader will take a photograph of their group to create a record for track and trace. This photo record must be kept for 21 days. Group leaders will ensure that their group is aware of the following before departure.

Each group will leave the Mansfield Club at staggered intervals.
The group must not merge with other cyclist on route. If cyclists ahead have stopped for traffic lights or road junctions, the group must slow down and wait for the cyclists ahead to clear the junction / lights first. If the group approaches a slower moving cyclist or group of cyclists and the group are able to safely overtake they must do so together and as quickly as possible.
If groups from Brereton Wheelers meet up at a coffee stop, all riders must comply with social distancing of 2 metres or more during the coffee stop and wear a face covering where needed.
All riders must remain in their designated group throughout the ride.
On departure from coffee stops, groups will leave at staggered intervals and all riders must remain in their original group.