Guidance for Ride Leaders

When volunteering as a ride leader

Read the risk assessment for the relevant activities, along with the ‘ride with us’ section of the website.  Feed back any suggestions for improvement to the risk assessor.  Confirm to the risk assessor that you have read and understood the risk assessment.

When organising a ride

Post details on Spond.  Include information about start time and location, planned distance, ascent, pace and refreshment stops.  State whether a road ride will be flat, undulating or hilly.  Be sure to add the standard disclaimer at the end of your post.

Before setting off on a ride

Take a headcount and confirm that riders are members of BWCC.  Welcome any riders new to the group.  Ask riders if there are any medical issues others should be aware of.  Ask riders to check their bikes are in good working order.

During a ride

If someone has an accident, first ensure you’re not endangering yourself or others by approaching them.  Find out if anyone has a first aid qualification and follow their instructions or, if you hold a qualification, follow the procedures you learned.

After a ride

Report any significant incidents or significant near-misses to the risk assessor.