Posting To The Website

The website consists of 2 main elements:

  • Pages
  • Posts

Pages are quite simply web pages, Posts are essentially a Blog post and get pushed further down as a new post appears.

To make things user friendly you have the ability to send an email to the website which will appear as a post. This can be used to announce new information or an update of some kind.

Once the post appears on the website, then the website will automatically send it to Facebook. You can add pictures in your email and use things called shortcodes. These are instructions to the website about how to display your post.

The following link explains how to construct your email, however start simple and follow these simple instructions:

  • Send Email to – The special email address that I will send to you
  • Email Subject = Post Title
  • Email Body = Post Body

Then just send your email……

Then you have the shortcodes, the 2 main ones to learn to use are:

  • categories
  • tags

So lets think of the website as a filing cabinet, a category is a file and tags are tabs within that folder. Your post is a piece of paper that you are filing in a category and as you put it in the page duplicates into whatever tags you have added. So as more posts (paper) are added with the same tags or categories people can search for them and all the relevant posts will be shown to them.

This is the link that explains things: