Founded 1948

Membership Prices:-

Our membership is hosted on the British Cycling website and incurs a £1 fee in addition to the prices listed below.

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  • Senior Racing Membership – £17.50
  • Senior Non Racing & 2nd Claim Membership £8
  • Family Membership £25
  • Youth Membership £4
  • Junior Membership £5

Family membership is by far the best option of Membership if more than one member of your household would like to join Brereton Wheelers Cycling Club. There is no limit to the number of people who can join on one application as long as they are Family Members residing at the same address. Senior Family Members also benefit from inclusive Senior Racing membership, allowing them to race in Time Trials.

Individual Membership is also available for Youth (up to 15 years), Junior ( 16 years +), Senior non racing ( 18 years +) and Senior Racing (18 years +).

If you wish to take part in Time Trials you must join as a Senior Family Member or Senior Racing Member.

Membership helps to support the running costs of this non profit making club.

You can become a new Brereton Wheelers Member at any time, but membership expires on December 31st each year. Brereton Wheelers Membership renewal is due on 1st January each year and should be paid up no later than March 31st.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, we've had to suspend all our 2020 timetrials until further notice. We will review the situation at the end of April, but current CTT instruction is that all events are suspended until the end of May, subject to frequent review. For further information please go to the CTT website

Due to the Coronavirus all Club Rides and organised events have been suspended until further notice

  • Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic ALL timetrials, club runs and organised rides have been SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.
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