Monument Rides

The meaning of monument is:

an objectesplarge and made of stonebuilt to remember and show respect for a person or group of people, or a special place made for this purpose

For Brereton Wheelers it means, a ride with lots of miles, a ride to remember and show respect towards reaching a special place.

So this year we are heading to:

Buxton – 95 miles

Enjoy a day in the saddle riding through the Peak District to the gorgeous town of Buxton

Wynatts Pass – 115 miles

Again enjoy the Peak District and the satisfaction of attempting an awesome climb up Wynatts Pass. Also maybe you want to ride your 1st century.

Montgomery – 140 miles

How about riding to Wales and back. Pedal your way through some lovely countryside to Wales.

145 Miles Mystery Ride

Just ride with us on a journey of discovery knowing that it is going to be a spectacular day.

Black Country Loop (Gravel) – 70 miles

Grab your Gravel or Mountain Bike, this is going to be awesome. Lets ride some canals.

These rides take place on the weekend, usually a Sunday starting slightly earlier than the normal club rides at 8am.

We encourage you to join us however you do have to be a paid up member to be on these rides. So why not join Brereton Wheelers and use the local weekly club rides to increase your fitness to take part in the 2020 Monumental Rides.

The dates can be found on our club calendar

Due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, we've had to suspend all our 2020 timetrials until further notice. We will review the situation at the end of April, but current CTT instruction is that all events are suspended until the end of May, subject to frequent review. For further information please go to the CTT website

Due to the Coronavirus all Club Rides and organised events have been suspended until further notice

  • Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic ALL timetrials, club runs and organised rides have been SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.
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