New Kit For 2022

19th September 2021

Brereton Wheelers has been going through a transformation recently, from a traditional road bike club with the focus being track, time trials and road cycling. So with the introduction of off-road cycling in the forms of Mountain Biking and Gravel we felt that the cycling kit was over due for an update as well.

The current kit has stood the test of time for the last 17 years according to Geoff and as much as we love it the time has arrived to update the shirts on our backs.

Design Mock Up

The base colour is the darker blue with the stripes representing the three cycling discipline’s. The widest in yellow for Mountain Biking, In blue for Gravel and white and the narrowest band for Road. The three stripes are also on the opposite arm for some balance.

On the front the logo has now been replaced for a clearer option of ‘Brereton Wheelers’ in yellow on a dark blue background and this style is repeated on the rear at the bottom of the jersey.

We will be having a short sleeved Summer jersey, a long sleeved Winter version and a Gilet that will compliment the kit but will be mostly Yellow. This is to make the rider stand out in low light and wet conditions.

The new design has been approved by British Cycling and will be affiliated to the club by late October 2021.

We are currently discussing production of the new kit with a local company that already produce quality cycling kit. We wanted to support local businesses and try to keep the carbon footprint down.

We do not have any prices yet but please be assured we are very keen to provide a quality kit at a great price.

The Launch….

We are planning to have some sample kit available in January. This will be available to view at the Presentation evening in January. Where we will be taking orders for the 1st run which should become available 6 weeks later. As soon as we have prices we will update this post.