Ride Leader & Supporters

26th December 2021

You may be aware of the Ride Leader Roles that we are introducing for all of our Club Rides. We are doing this to improve the safety on all of our rides, give members a single contact for each Club Ride and to give riders a happier, safer Club Ride experience. In addition to Ride Leaders, we will also be looking for Ride Supporters to help with each ride.

We are bringing the first few ride leaders online in the new year. This initiative can only work with your support and we welcome as many of you as possible to put yourselves forward to become a ride leader or supporter.

How Will This Work?

Each ride will have a Ride Leader and a Ride Supporter. The ride leader will have be the main contact for the ride. their roles are:

  • Adding the Event to Spond
  • Creating the Route
  • Answering any questions from riders attending the ride
  • Leading the ride
  • Maintaining the listed average speed
  • Ensuring no riders are dropped
  • Utilising the Ride Support during the ride

The purpose of the ride leader and supporter is to ensure all the riders enjoy the club ride in a safe and controlled manner. Observing the rules of the road at all times.

All leaders will have had training to equip them with the knowledge required to represent Brereton Wheelers whilst out on rides. The ride leaders will pass this ethos onto the ride supporters during the ride, ensuring over time each ride supporter becomes trained as well.

Once a ride supporter progresses to become a ride leader themselves they will attend the training to ensure they are at the level required to lead a ride.

Sharing the Load

Our goal is to have at least 12 ride leaders at any one time. To spread the load of leading to many rides there will be a rota in place. So if we have 12 ride leaders this means if everyone takes a turn in leading they will be responsible for leading one ride every three months.

When not leading a ride all the leaders will take the role of supporter should no other supporter be available. If a supporter is available the spare ride leader can enjoy the ride or offer support and advice to the ride supporter to further their understanding and knowledge.