Social Media Update

8th February 2022

Spond is the official number 1 club platform for club updates and announcements from Ride Leaders and Committee Members

We list our ride calendar on Spond and will be sending out any official announcements on this platform. It is advisable that every member is registered on Spond to recieve everything club related.

DO NOT use this platform for posting general chat or photos.

WhatsApp is for general chat between club members. Please make sure your posts are club related and cycling specific.

Anyone using bad language or posting offensive material will be removed.

Please bear in mind when you post that your post may not be of interest to all the members. We would recommend if you want to chat to another member in detail you message them directly. Or set up your own group with the club members you want to chat to.

We have a Facebook PAGE where we post to NON club members to promote the club and hopefully build on our membership.

There is a Facebook GROUP for club members to share posts similar to the WhatsApp group. You are free to chat about anything here cycling or non cycling topics are fine.

We record some of our rides and post them to YouTube. You can subscribe to our channel to be notified when we upload some new content.

To join any of these platforms click here to go to the Social Media page and follow the links to the platform that you want to use. You don’t have to use all of them just the ones that you already use.

We would highly recommend you use Spond as a minimum so you are hearing about everything at the club level.