The Max Holloshutz Cup

The Vets Trophy

Previous Winners

1980 J.T.Southwall2000 E.D. Yardley
1981 J.T.Southwall 2001 E.D. Yardley
1982 J.T.Southwall 2002 E.D. Yardley
1983 Les O’Brian2003 Brian Hession
1984 Reg Mobberley2004 Brian Hession
1985 Les O’Brian 2005 Derek Matthews
1986 M. Renshaw2006 Derek Matthews
1987 T. Hill2007 Derek Matthews
1988 Reg Mobberley 2008 Derek Matthews
1989 Reg Mobberley 2009 Neil Walker
1990 Reg Mobberley 2010 Neil Walker
1991 Reg Mobberley 2011 Brian Hession
19922012 Brian Hession
19932013 Brian Hession
19942014 Brian Hession
19952015 Brian Hession
1996 T. Coging2016 Dave Parton
1997 T. Coging 2017 Geoff O’Farrell
1998 Ian McGregor2018 Andy Tilsley
1999 Ian McGregor 2019

Due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, we've had to suspend all our 2020 timetrials until further notice. We will review the situation at the end of April, but current CTT instruction is that all events are suspended until the end of May, subject to frequent review. For further information please go to the CTT website

Due to the Coronavirus all Club Rides and organised events have been suspended until further notice

  • Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic ALL timetrials, club runs and organised rides have been SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.
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