Trophy Room

Brereton Wheelers have a large selection of trophies that are presented each year at our annual dinner. Below we have a list of the trophies along with a brief history of each.

During our long history, Brereton Wheelers racing season has ended with a Presentation Evening and over the years the collection of Trophies has continued to grow.

The Trophies are good quality and well worth winning albeit for 1 year (or more if you can). The main trophy is always supplemented with a smaller individual trophy that is kept for the winner of each trophy.

As you will see on the following pages the Trophies are shown with a brief explanation of the history of each trophy, along with a list of names and dates of the previous winners.

Good luck to all our existing and new members for future seasons.  

BWCC Trophies

Senior LeagueC.H.NOTT SHIELDAwarded based on points accumulated in club events, consistency and improvement being the decisive factors.
Vets LeagueMAX HOLLOSCHUTZ CUPAwarded based on points accumulated in club events, points awarded for consistency and age related performance against the Bidlake system.
5 Mile TrophyTHE BOB, HARRY and TONY 5 MILES TROPHYAwarded for consistency across all 5 mile events in a season with a "levelling" calculation to give everyone an opportunity to win.
Fastest 10THE PEDAL TROPHYAwarded for recording the fastest time in a club 10.
Fastest 25FASTEST 25 CUPAwarded for recording the fastest time in a club 25.
Tour of BreretonTOUR OF BRERETON TROPHYAwarded for the fastest time recordedin the event designated as the Tour of Brereton
Hill Climb ChampionTHE BRIAN HESSION TROPHYAwarded for the fastest time recorded in the event designated as the Hill Climb Championship
Best Club MemberJIMMY JOHNSON TROPHYAwarded to the member, who in the opinion of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, has done the most for the club during the year.
Best Lady performerTHE SOUTHWELL CUPAwarded to the lady member who is considered to have returne dthe best competitive performances during the year.
Best Junior Club memberTHE MERCURY CUPAwarded to the junior club member, who in the opinion of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer has contributed most to club life during the year.
Senior Best All RounderTHE JOHN FURNESS CUPAwarded fto the club member who has recorded the best performances in time tirals over pre-determined distances eg 10, 25 & 50 or 25, 50 & 100 miles.
Road Race LeagueBRERETON PARISH COUNCIL TROPHYAwarded to the rider with the most number of points accumulated in Road Races.
Track ChampionTHE O'CONNER CUPAwarded for best performance in local track league or awared to the best rider on the day of an independent Club Track Championship.
Monument MedalsAwarded to record members' rides in the designated monument club runs.
Note - only first claim members are eligible for awards
Brereton Wheelers trophies have a long distinguished heritage.