TT & Track Advice for Beginners

15th May 2021

Here is some of my tips/suggestions from my own experience. The list is in no particular order of importance. 

Gina Willis

Beginners TT Local evening events are ideal to start with.

1.Familiarise yourself with the race route, the start and finish line.

2.Ensure your bike (any road worthy bike, doesn’t have to be a specific race bike) is ready ie. pumped up tyres and working brakes. Take off unneccesary items on the bike like the saddle bag, mudguards and maybe water bottles depending on your need to drink.

3.Warm up before the race so your body is prepared for the effort ahead.

4.Start in a gear that isn’t too high (too hard)Don’t go off too quickly, build up the speed and then try and maintain it. You will learn to pace yourself as you become more experienced.

5.Observe the Highway Code. Keep focussed on the road ahead and look for any direction signs. Be aware of other competitors passing you. 

6. Wear close fitting clothes if you haven’t invested in cycling clothing. A good pair of cycling shorts will be a good start.

7.After crossing the finish line, cool down by pedalling in an easier gear (spinning) to prevent lactic acid build up in your muscles.

8.Re hydrate and re fuel. 


There are training sessions on outdoor tracks which you are allowed to ride your own bike as a beginner.

1. Become familiar with the anti- clockwise direction of riding.

2.Learn what the lines on the track mean.

3.Always look behind you before any move.

4.Pass on the outside only (right side).

5.Look over left shoulder when you need to drop down to the inside track lane to slow down or come off.

6.Practise riding a fixed wheel bike, get used to pedalling all the time and never try to stop pedalling! You can slow the cadence and gradually come to a stop which comes with more practice.

7. Ask questions about anything you’re unsure about. Other riders/trainers willingly explain things to you.

8.Safety of you and your fellow riders is paramount on the track so listen carefully to the instructions and never be afraid to have it explained again so you are happy about what you are doing.

Most of all, enjoy the new experience, learn from it and gain experience to improve your new skills.